The holiday period is well and truly over, and it’s cold, grey and generally blah outside. If this sounds like your life, then you could do with a penguin pick-me-up to perk you right up, courtesy of RocketNews24! We’ll even throw in a free seal to seal the deal! Join us after the jump for some adorable photos of a beautiful interspecies friendship!

Twitter user sarugekijo_, who is a handler at the Tohoku Safari Park, uploaded several snaps from the penguin enclosure showing a cuddly seal enjoying a meal of fish while surrounded by penguins.

▲ “Look at that blissful expression! They love riding on the seal’s back, lol! Recently the baby penguins have been obsessed with riding on him, so poor Otaru-kun never gets a moment’s peace!”

Perhaps the baby penguins simply enjoy being close to something soft and silky, or perhaps they just really love their giant seal friends!

▼ Look at this fuzzy penguin soaking up the afternoon sun!

▼ Tandem seal-riding!

▼ Perhaps they’re hoping their handsome, whiskery friend will toss a few fish their way… (something tells us that’s unlikely)

Plus, elsewhere at Tohoku Safari Park…

▼ Here’s Toku-chan the seal enjoying a treat for doing so well during his crowd appearance!

▼ This penguin is stylin’!


Netizens in Japan report feelings of intense contentment and relaxation upon viewing the pictures:

“I was having a terrible day at work, but now that I’ve seen these pictures I feel so much better. Thank you.” (´;ω;`)

“My heart is going pen-pen (banging away) in my chest!”

“I feel as though my entire soul has been cleansed.”

“I wanna cuddle up and take a nap on the seal, too!”

“Waaaaaaaaaaaah it’s tooooo cuuuuuuuute!”

It’s good to know that fuzzy animals on the internet have always got your back when the season’s getting you down!

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Hamusoku, Twitter@sarugekijo_