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Lovers of Japan and Japanese pop culture the world over plan for their dream trip to the motherland of anime, delicious food, and all things cute, to experience first-hand all that this fantastic country has to offer. For those finally living the dream, social media makes it easy to share your adventures with friends, family, and others interested in Japanese culture too.

When Twitter user Swiss Ambassador Rayun (@yuzu_rayun) documented his most recent trip to the Land of the Rising Sun – posting pictures of his travels, delicious eats, and his haul of eroge (erotic game) goods – we doubt he expected the amount of fame he was about to receive, as his Twitter follower tally has grown by the thousands over the past few days.

Swiss Ambassador Rayun (written in Japanese as スイス大使ラユン – Suisu Taishi Rayun) writes of himself in his profile: “A representative of Culture Japan and Dannychoo. Collaborating with Germany’s Good Smile Company. Working as a personal business consultant for a number of companies. Japan’s existence has changed my whole life.”

Rayun shared all the excitement of his trip, from his adventures in the otaku paradise of Akihabara…

“Long time no see, Akihabara!”

 …to the interesting sights…

“Wow! I found another itasha, lol ( ´)” (Itasha is a car painted with anime characters.)

…to all that he loves about Japan!

“One of my favorite eroge shops ( ´)”

“Off to Akiba!”

Yakiniku heaven! (* ´﹃`*)” (Yakiniku is probably best described as Japanese-style barbeque)

“It’s Kotori-chan! I love you Kotori-chan ♥”

“Kotori-chan!!!!!!!!!! (* ´﹃`*) ♡”

“2D joint-wedding~ lol”

After a couple of weeks of fantastic, fun-filled adventure that can only be had in this quirky island nation, he returned home safely. Though it seems some of his goods he sent home had an unfortunate mishap!

“Oh no… Customs, what did you do to my Comiket goods!? ( д)”

Thankfully, it turns out that all the contents survived just fine.

“Panty mask from Japan… Seriously! Lol”

“Awesome! All of my Comiket goods weigh 25 kilos lol… (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و Haha”

But something had happened. He caught the attention of someone, somewhere, and as tends to happen on the internet, the news spread. Oh how it spread!

▼But that’s just the beginning!

“Thanks for the 14,500 follows? LOL”

The Swiss Japan fan’s Twitter account continued to appear on various Japanese news sites, with headlines like “Returning to Switzerland after enjoying Japan! With too many erotic doujin goods! lolol” and “The result of a handsome Swiss guy whose life was changed by Japan’s moe culture lololol”.

“Uh oh… (・_・;)”

And it wasn’t just Japanese sites. He was also featured on a Taiwanese website as well!

Since he hit 14,500 followers on January 13, that number has now soared to over 20,000 in just a couple of days, with people from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Japan.

What does he plan to do next, now that he’s an internet sensation throughout Asia? He talks of his plans to visit Taiwan next.

“Looking forward to my trip to Taiwan!”

*Waves* We didn’t overlook you! Hope you like the feature image we picked for this one too.

Source and images: Twitter @yuzu_rayun