The cats have had it! After years of unsolicited fame, being victims to candid shots and paparazzi invading their space, they want to take some control over the pictures that their owners post on the Internet. And so the “cat selfie” is born.

While most cats don’t have smartphones or fingers, without which they can’t take pictures of themselves (although new technology is changing that…), cats around Japan have started posing for their owner’s cameras in such a way that it seems like they have been watching over your shoulder as you click through countless profile pictures on Facebook. They are becoming selfie pros. It’s adorable and we love it.

▼ The owners may have taken the pictures, but it’s clear the cats knew where the pictures were headed and posed appropriately.


“Dang, we look goooood.”


“Definitely my new profile picture.”


▼ “Tilted 45 degrees is the perfect angle for my sexy-face.”


 An artistic cat.

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Accidental selfie!


“This is my ‘Watching YouTube face’.”




“I’m bored of normal selfies, let’s take one upside down.”


Then there are the more skilled cats that attempt to take their selfies, well, by themselves:

“I was totally sleeping, guys, I swear.”


 This kitty has the “indifferent, looking-into-the-distance” selfie down pat.


▼ Another sleeping picture? Really?


Okay, so far we haven’t seen any true cat selfies, but clearly the cat population is ready for the latest technology: A smartphone app called Snap Cat. The app shows a black screen with one red dot that moves around. The cat, being a cat, is drawn to the red dot and inevitably slaps at it. When its furry paw hits the screen, snap! It’s actually pretty ingenious.

Nice selfie, Dai-chan.


▼ Are those doe-eyes?


▼ The cat-selfie champion, perhaps?


▼ Awww, cats taking selfies are adorable!

Cats are smarter and more independent than we give them credit for. Here’s to a new genre of cat-led photography!

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