Japanese cosplay photographer Suzutama recently made the rounds online for his beautiful photos of Monster Hunter cosplay in the snow. In order to get the best shots possible, the cosplayer in the photos had to venture into the frozen woods in a skimpy costume and in return Suzutama was able to capture the most amazing and surreal images.

Apart from sharing his own works, Suzutama has also kindly offered tips to his followers who aspire to produce amazing photos like he does. Check out some of his tips on working with water and smoke below!

First off, here’s the original tweet of the aforementioned Monster Hunter cosplay photos along with an adorable shot of “when the monster failed to show up.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/suzuki_tamago/status/554245117473587201 align=center]

Just beautiful! Now on to Suzutama’s tips for cosplay photography!

On throwing water at the cosplayer during the photoshoot:

If you throw water directly from the bucket, it will end up in a line.

If you want splashes, throw upwards or at the subject or on the floor.

You can also make the subject jump into water and capture the splashes.

[tweet https://twitter.com/suzuki_tamago/status/552855907181162496 align=center]

On working with smoke:

Choose a place with good ventilation.

Move the smoke machine from the back of the set to the front to envelope the subject in smoke.

Before it gets all fogged up, quickly take your shots.

Use boards or hoses to adjust the direction of the smoke.

[tweet https://twitter.com/suzuki_tamago/status/555359596051566592 align=center]

Now that is some really professional advice! If you are a cosplayer, are you going to be trying out some snow, water or smoke effects for your next photoshoot?

Source/Feature image: Togech