Have you ever been photobombed? It does get pretty annoying sometimes when you’re trying to take a nice picture and someone or something just pops up in the background and steals the limelight, doesn’t it?

While many photobombers stick their heads into someone else’s photo out of jolly good jest, there are cases when the “bomb” is totally unaware that they are in the picture. Intentionally or not, some of these photobombs can be way more interesting than the intended photo subject, like this boy who totally stole the fuzzy hamster’s thunder with his short but moving tale in pictures.

We all know that the Internet loves small furry animals, but this series of photos went viral on Twitter in Japan not because of the cute little hamster in it, but because of the pet owner’s little brother who had incidentally gotten into a mishap in the background. Don’t worry, no lives were lost and there’s nothing gory or freaky in these pictures, just plenty of hilarity. Check it out!

▼ Cute hammie taking a bite out of what looks like a small piece of cucumber.

▼ The unintentional photobomber just minding his own business, probably helping to slice up some vegetables for dinner…

▼ And the bomb is dropped! Uh-oh, looks like he sliced his finger…

▼ Help! Mum! Code red!

The poor boy! We hope it was just a small cut. And the poor hamster who got its limelight stolen… but it got a nice snack, so I guess we’re all good.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep an eye out for photobombers, folks!

Source/Images: Twitter (@wadaitweet) via Zhaizhai News