The debate over whether or not violence on TV and in video games breeds violence in children is quite a heated issue these days. However, the discussion shouldn’t be confined just to those mediums. Kids are quite impressionable, so they can be just as influenced by the nightly news as by their cartoons.

Netizens in China are blaming TV dramas for tainting the mind of a third-grade girl who wrote a genuinely disturbing story at school. They seem to believe that the smut on TV is exposing kids, like this girl, to topics only suitable for adults (or not even suitable for adults). What’s so bad in this story that it’s causing such an uproar? Find out after the jump.

▼ She still got 15/25 points, despite the questionable content!


The little girl’s teacher, a resident of the Fujian Province, was also pretty surprised by the story, so surprised that she posted it on Sina Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging site. RocketNews24’s very own Joan Coello did us the honor of translating this horrific soap opera:

“The king wanted the prince to find a wife, so he gathered all the beautiful women in the country so that the prince could take his pick. After an hour of selection, the prince found the girl of his dreams, Li Na, and they got married.

One day, the prince saw Princess Li Na with another guy, so he asked, ‘Who is this man?’ Li Na told the prince that he was her ex-boyfriend Duo Ming Er. Said ex-boyfriend then broke the news that Li Na was pregnant with his child. So the prince asked the princess to choose between Duo Ming Er and him, and that if she wanted to stay with him, she’d have to abort the child. The princess chose to stay with the prince.

The prince drugs the princess, undresses her on a bed, and calls for a famous doctor. Handing the doctor a stick, he asks him to hit her on the belly to abort the child. The doctor takes the orders and hits the princess 20 times, and blood flows, pooling around her ankles. The doctor told the prince that she would wake up in a couple of days and left. Two days later, the princess wakes up, and they lived happily ever after.”

Children’s fairy tales and imaginations sure have changed since I was a kid… But really, this is pretty disturbing. Some people think that kids should be exposed to reality, but this seems a bit much for a third-grader, or for anyone. She has not only been exposed to this kind of thing, but she seems to understand it well enough to reproduce it in storybook form (granted, it has its factual inaccuracies).

What do you think? Is TV to blame? Society? Should we be worried about the children? Let us know your take on this story in the comment section below.

Source: China Daily Forum, ET Today
Featured Image: Enoch Lai Insert image: China Daily Forum