What if this world were a huge clash of universes and characters from anime and popular fiction lived among us? Imagine bumping into Monkey D. Luffy during your daily commute, or queueing up behind Sailor Moon at a donut stand. It’d be so cool, at least maybe for a month or two. But when the buzz dies down, perhaps we’ll start to realize that many of these characters aren’t as quite as enamouring when taken out of their fictional worlds.

Some things really should be left unseen, but curiosity always manages to get the better of us. Ready to take a peek into the “real lives” of some anime characters?

We’ve previously seen the behind-the-scenes of how cosplayers cleverly manipulated their poses and photography angles to achieve realistic cosplay photos. That was certainly a fresh perspective, albeit slightly disappointing to know that reality and fiction aren’t as close as we thought them to be after all. However, considering that cosplayers are the closest we can get to interacting with anime characters in the flesh, they’re probably our best gauge to imagining a life with fictional characters living among us.

If anime characters were to exist in our world, they would probably need…

▼ A job. We’re not too sure if legal age requirements would apply to fictional characters though.

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▼ Choosing a job that matches your skill set and interest is indeed a good idea.

Now, if these characters were common civilians like the rest of us, they’d need to commute too. No more screen cuts and magically jumping to their destinations.

▼ They could take the subway.

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▼ Some of them with more money to spare might have their own means of transport.

▼ Speaking of money, they’re probably going to have to withdraw money using the ATM.

▼ It’d be really cool to share a common hobby with your favorite character, don’t you think?

▼ Not very cool to be sharing a common toilet though. Especially if he/she is wearing a dress and using a urinal. Just sayin’.

p5uToqKWlaGVp6gImage source

▼ It’s also going to be quite disappointing to see a Gundam who can’t find his way. One would assume they’d have state-of-the-art navigation systems in there.

p5uToqOdlaGVqKMImage source

▼ But nothing beats the disappointment when you realize that Kirito cheated on Asuna…

p5uToqSalaGVqKYImage source

▼ And that Asuna went on to become addicted to gambling.

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Oh well, I guess it’s true that we can’t have the best of both worlds. It was fun entertaining the thought of meeting anime characters on the street, but I think I’d still prefer them leading their awesome fictional lives in their own universes after all. What about you?

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top Image: Taringa