There are people in this world who like cosplay, and there are people who like cute little animals. Put them together and you’d get possibly the only kind of cosplay that has the potential to out-cute toddlers in tiny geeky costumescosplaying pets!

Sadly, not all pets like being put into costumes, but most of the pets I’ve seen have a common interest in putting their curious little heads into gaps and holes. One Japanese pet owner combines the two elements in a stroke of genius, and came up with the most brilliant hamster “cosplay” we’ve ever seen. Check out the geeky little pal after the break!

We’ve seen several canines and felines in adorable costumes, but making miniature costumes for living things smaller than the size of your palm probably raises the bar, not to mention the challenge of fitting the little critters into puny costumes. Japanese Twitter user @ykh31 cleverly creates manga character “costumes” that her pet hamster Mojako has no qualms about getting into. They even come with scenario snippets from the original series!

One Piece

Sailor Moon

Slam Dunk


▼ Medama Oyaji from Gegege no Kitaro, Pon de Lion (the mascot character for Mister Donut) and some Halloween fun.

Okay, they’re more like those souvenir photo poster boards with a hole for you to stick your head into, you know, back in the days when people couldn’t do fancy photo editing on their smartphones. Maybe they aren’t actual cosplay costumes, but the ingenious idea is awesome nonetheless. Now hamsters can join in the cosplay fun too! More cute for the Internet, yay!

Source/Images: Twitter (@ykh31) via Zhaizhai News