If you’re an animal lover, you can probably find something to like in even mother nature’s less visually appealing species. Slightly defective cats are basically the kings of the internet, after all. But we were shocked to find that some of Japan’s Twitter users have been mercilessly mocking a certain species of black bear for being “super creepy and gross.” C’mon, guys, it’s a bear! Bears are cute! Or at least, that’s what we thought until we saw the pictures…it turns out that there’s a certain kind of bear out there that’s just, well, kind of a major dork.

Don’t believe us? Check out this gallery of awkwardness! It’s un-bear-able!

Sun bears are indigenous to Southeast Asia and are sometimes called honey bears due to their love of honey. They’re the smallest of the bears and they’re currently facing some problems in their natural habitat due to deforestation. But not to worry! Japan’s zoos are providing comfy homes for some of the bears, so people can come and… erm, mock them horribly on Twitter.


▲ “Sun bear has the look of someone who’s lost all his money due to the exchange rate”

▲ “Why are sun bears so disgusting”

▲ “Sun bears are the creepiest animals in the world”

▲ “Sun bear breakfast time… Zzz”

▲ “Nooooooooo sun bear! I was told to watch some videos of it but now I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe what is this nooooooo sun bear!”

▲ “Googled sun bear, feel so uneasy now”


▲ “Sun bear’s face is something else”


▲ This sun bear is called Maachin (3 years old, seems to be male) at Higashiyama Zoo”


▲ “Sun bear eating an ehomaki at Fukuoka City Zoo”

▲ “Maachin the sun bear at Higashiyama Zoo. Is it me or does he look drunk lol”

But luckily, the sun bears do seem to have some fans!


▲ “Sun bear at Higashiyama Zoo. I like it a lot so I bought some sun bear souvenirs”

▲ “Whenever I go to the zoo I watch the sun bears for at least an hour. I really like them.”

▲ “Why do I love sun bears so much \(°∀° )/”

Personally, we think those cruel Twitter trolls up at the top there should be ashamed of themselves for shaming an innocent bear just because of its looks! We need to stop placing unrealistic standards of beauty on our bears. All bears are beautiful!

Source: Naver Matome
Main Image: Twitter @aqidaqidaqid