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Earlier this month, the Internet was all abuzz over some awesome cat ear headphones. As creative as they may be, though, they’re really more robotic than feline in appearance, what with their glowing LED accents and external speakers.

If you’re more concerned with fashion than music, though, and you feel like you could do without all the cybernetic-style accouterments, one Japanese designer has put together an alternative form of cat-shaped headgear. Just to reiterate, that’s “cat-shaped,” not “cat ear-shaped,” since this hairband gives the illusion of an adorable kitten perched atop your head.

Designer Campanella runs a blog about what seem to be her three biggest passions: fashion accessories, interior design, and cats. Campanella is also a regular participant at Design Festa, the annual Tokyo expo that features works by both professional and amateur creators.

During the 2012 event, Campanella took a break from manning her booth to stroll around and see what her fellow exhibitors had brought with them. That didn’t mean she had to stop displaying her own works, though, as shown in this selfie of the artist with her face obscured but her kitty-shaped hair accessory in plain view.

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It attracted smiles and questions, the most common being “Can I try it?” and “How does it stay on?” We imagine the good-natured Campanella was happy to oblige the request, and as for how the kitty stays stuck to her head, there’s a barrette incorporated into the front of the stuffed cat’s collar.

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But while the barrette kept the cat from falling off completely, it didn’t prevent it from slipping down after extended wear. The design also had the drawback of needing a thick bunch of hair to latch onto, meaning it couldn’t easily be worn by cat-lovers with short hair. To address these problems, for the following year’s Design Festa, Campanella retooled the cat-shaped hair clip into a hairband.

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Sadly, Campanella’s cat hairband doesn’t seem to be available in stores. However, recently photos of it have once again surfaced online, causing a stir among those who’d love to have a cute kitty riding on top of their heads, leading to the following comments:

“Ooooo want it want it!”
“I need one with a black cat with a grumpy expression!”
“I thought it was a real cat!”

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Campanella still updates her blog regularly, so we’re sure plenty of fans are keeping their fingers crossed that she’ll show up at this year’s Design Festa, scheduled for May 16 and 17 at Tokyo’s Big Sight. Hopefully she’ll be there, and with enough cat hairbands for everyone.

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