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Men’s fashion is serious business in Japan. Walk past the magazine rack in any bookshop or convenience store, and you’ll see multiple publications filled with photos of the latest clothing, shoes, and accessories to help guys stay well-dressed and projecting a cool, competent image to potential business and dating partners alike.

Except, do clothes make the man, or does the man make the clothes? In search of the answer, one Japanese Twitter user performed a little photo editing experiment, and the results seem to have changed his whole attitude about clothing.

First off, let’s examine the first photo that Twitter user Nilpos looked at.

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Setting aside individual preferences, the man on the left, dressed in the brown, green, and beige shirt, is, without question, closer to the ideal male appearance as portrayed by the fashion industry and aspired to by Japanese fashionistas. By comparison, the man on the right is far less likely to be considered cool in the sense the word is generally used in Japan these days.

Nilpos wondered, though, what things would look like if he did a little cutting and pasting and switched the two models’ heads. The result?

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Huh. Now the guy in the blue seems more likely to win a Japanese survey as to who’s better-looking. The unexpected result shook Nilpos enough that he exasperatedly declared, “Now that I’ve seen this, I just don’t have any energy to devote to picking out the right clothes.”

While some online commenters had the same dejected reaction, a few managed to put a bit more positive of a spin on how Nilpos’ experiment turned out.

“So in the end it’s all about having a handsome face…”
“Clothes are just decorations.”
“Well, they’re just one part of your total appearance…”
“You shouldn’t think of it as losing the energy to pick out the right clothes, but as being free from having to worry about it in the first place.”

Not everyone was so quick to downplay the importance of putting together a well-sorted outfit, though. One commenter said that to him, both men looked better in the blue shirt, meaning that regardless of who’s the more handsome, there’re benefits to be gained through your choice of threads. Another commenter, referring to the first photo, pointed out that while the brown-haired man picked up a few extra style points by wearing a shirt that matched his hair color, the other man hurt himself with his downtrodden expression.

It’s also worth noting that while the two men have similar hairstyles, the Mr. Not-So-Cool’s hair isn’t as nicely combed, which also detracts from his overall appearance. So remember, even if not everyone is fortunate enough to have been born with the skin condition and facial structure that makes them look good no matter what they wear, no one has to shoot themselves in the foot by neglecting basic grooming or refusing to smile for the camera.

Source: Jin
Images: Twitter (edited by RocketNews24)