As most of our readers of the male persuasion will no vividly doubt remember, there was a bit of a fashion craze a few months ago for a specific style of sweater which Japanese Netizens simply dubbed, “The Boob Shirt.”

The titular (heh heh) turtleneck featured an oval window exposing the cleavage of the (usually) female wearer. Now, never having needed to expose my ample cleavage to the elements, I’m not exactly an expert on the thermal properties of human breast tissue, but it seems most of the Internet agreed with me that having a big open window in the middle of your turtleneck sort of defeats the purpose of wearing a sweater.

Well, it seems now high fashion has done what it does best and built on the uselessness of The Boob Shirt with the brand new, even more useless, “Side-Boob Shirt“:

This was posted by Twitter user @otoginekomu – one of the first to popularize the original Boob Shirt, no less – who appears to be some kind of racy photo model and/or impractical clothing hobbyist (so – fair warning – a lot of her stuff is NSFW).




Other Netizens are already incredulous, pointing out that, while sexy and all, the Side-Boob Shirt just looks like a raggedy old sweater that probably ought to be replaced. Still, weather or not something qualifies as actual clothing has never done much to get in the way of men enjoying an snippet of boob, so a lot of male commenters are unsurprisingly on board.

We do feel compelled to point out that, as is the case with a lot of those runaway, “JAPAN IS WEIRD!” stories, people actually wearing stuff like this unironically are definitely in the small, small minority. In fact, we’ve never actually seen someone legitimately wearing either the Boob Shirt or the Side-Boob Shirt, which is probably for the best, because there are only like two or three people in the world that could actually make it look good in person.

Your move, Ladybeard.