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Even if you’re not a Dragon Ball fan, many of you probably have heard of the awesome power of the Kamehameha, the trademark attack technique used by some of the characters in the series, including our beloved hero, Goku. Well, if you’ve ever fantasized about being able to blast a Kamehameha of your own, you may get your chance this month, right in Tokyo!

We’re talking about the special promotion “Let’s Fire a Kamehameha Martial Arts Tournament (Utoze! Kamehameha! Budokai)” that will take place in Shibuya for four days starting later this week. Yes, you’ll get to blast a Kamehameha, and even see a video of  yourself firing the legendary energy attack online!

The event, which will be held at the Koen Dori Plaza in front of the Parco store in Shibuya, is actually a promotional tie-in with the new PS4 game “Dragon Ball Xenoverse“, scheduled for release on February 5.

▼This is what the event space is expected to look like:Kamehame 2

And just what exactly does the Kamehameha blasting experience entail?

▼First, you need to get your “fighting power” assessed. You stand in front of a monitor, and your fighting power will be calculated based on your age, gender and even your fierce fighting expression with the use of facial recognition technology. You’ll want to put on your “strongest” face, as apparently your expression will affect your evaluation.
Kamehame step 1

▼Next, you show off your best Kamehameha move in front of the 9m- (29ft 6in) long LED interactive screen. In response, you’ll see visuals simulating a Kamehameha blast displayed on the screen. The result will be different for each participant, as the force of the simulated blast will vary depending on your fighting power, movement and pose.
Kamehame step 2

▼The process will be recorded, so you’ll get to see a video of yourself blasting a Kamehameha online by accessing a personal URL address!
Kamehame step 3

Apparently, two people can also try the simulation at the same time, so that it looks like they’re blasting Kamehamehas at each other!

As an added bonus, participants will also receive an original sticker with the “Kame (turtle)” emblem, the symbol for Master Roshi, or Kamesennin (Turtle Hermit), as he’s known in Japan.

▼An image of what the sticker might look like:img_present のコピー

The event will run from February 5 to February 8, between 11am and 8pm, so if you’re a Dragon Ball fan and you’re going to be in Tokyo, you may want to check out this chance to become a Kamehameha blasting Dragon Ball warrior. Now, if only they can think of ways to simulate some of the other Dragon Ball moves, because  as awesome as firing a Kamehameha sounds, we can’t help thinking how cool it would be if they could do an event featuring the “bukujutu” flying technique!

Source: “Let’s fire a Kamehamaha Martial Arts Tournament” special website via Yahoo! Japan News (both in Japanese)
Top image: Tomozo online shop on Rakuten
Inset images: “Let’s fire a Kamehamaha Martial Arts Tournament” special website