Noticed anything odd about this bus? Yep, it’s ‘topless’, though it definitely shouldn’t be.

It was reported that this unfortunate tour bus in Tian Jin, China had its roof shaved off on January 26 when it drove right into a height-limit gate without stopping, turning it into a horror movie version of an open-top London tour bus.

Fog was thick at the time the tour bus had been passing through the gate, and, unaware of the height limit on that particular stretch of road, the driver of the bus carrying 59 passengers drove straight through the gate like a large chunk of ham going through a meat cutter. The tragic accident resulted in two passenger deaths and more than 10 injuries.


Those injured were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital. If I had been on board, I probably wouldn’t feel safe travelling on a tour bus for quite some time.


We wish everyone involved in this freak traffic accident a speedy recovery. If you’re interested, there is also a clip of the Chinese news coverage on it:

Source/Images: Wang Yi News, h/t ToyChan