Ikura gunkan-maki has always looked like a jewel-encrusted circle of seaweed to me. The beautiful, almost neon-orange spheres look so inviting as they sit glistening atop their bed of rice. But as dazzling as this traditional fare is, whenever I actually eat ikura gunkan-maki, I’m never able to get past the sensation of dozens of salmon eggs popping as I chewed. That’s why I’m very much excited for these sushi snow globes that afford an endless view of this deceptive dish.

Created by Japanese artist, Eri Nami, the ikura sushi snowglobe shown above looks absolutely real. If it weren’t for the sparkles, we might be tempted to offer it to our dinner guests!


It also comes in an uni (sea urchin) version that’s not quite as eye-catching but still very realistic:


Retailing for 2,000 yen (US$17) each, these sushi snowglobes would make the perfect souvenir from your trip to Japan! You can find them online at CINRA.store here. And even if you aren’t looking for something to take back home, why not pick up a sushi snowglobe for yourself. It’s positively mesmerizing and you’ll never have to eat it!

Reference/images: CINRA.STORE
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