Fairy gardens, as they’re sometimes called, are a creative way to make use of any broken flowerpots you have lying around. Add a few plants, some minuscule stairs, and a piece or two of doll house furniture, and you’ve got an attractive yet practical miniature home for any magical friends residing in your neighborhood.

One Japanese website caught wind of some fairy garden pictures posted online by different people, and is currently touting them as miniature “Laputa worlds,” after the floating island found in the eponymous 1986 Studio Ghibli film. At first we were a bit skeptical, but upon further inspection, the site actually has a point!

Laputa: Castle in the Sky was the very first film to be produced and animated by the newly formed Studio Ghibli back in 1986. Many Japanese people have a soft spot for the movie to this day, and you can still buy a variety of Laputa-themed trinkets, such as this voice-operated magical pendant that we covered just a few days ago.

Some of the film’s most striking imagery is no doubt its lush depictions of the floating island’s greenery and its enormous central tree, all maintained by a robot gardener. The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo even pays tribute to the movie by having its rooftop terrace stylized after the gardens of Laputa, complete with a statue of the long-armed robot.

▼A view of Laputa from the film


▼A section of the Ghibli Museum’s roof, with its distinctive terraced levels (robot not pictured in this view)

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Perhaps it was all these aspects of Laputa that led one Japanese website to compare the abundant greenery found on the floating island with pictures of real-life fairy gardens found on the web. Either way, making a fairy garden is an excellent DIY way to use up pieces of broken flowerpots while honing your gardening skills at the same time.

Just check out the following inspirational pictures taken from around the web before getting started on your own!

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20Earth Porm

The lovely colors of those fairy gardens sure look welcoming from where I’m sitting under a huge pile of snow right now. I’ll have to try my own hand at making one once the weather gets a little warmer. But maybe I’ll style mine after the primeval forests found in another Ghibli classic, Princess Mononoke

Source: Karapaia
H/T: Earth Porm