Though it’s not official, we’re starting to think that Japan’s national sport is waiting in line. The colder the day and the longer you stand around shivering, the more points you seem to get. Hey, it’s a lot less violent than, say, sportsball, so we’re not criticizing.

And the most recent line-waiting competition took place this Friday–just in time for the first snow of 2015 in the Tokyo/Yokohama area! We think that’s like a kicking a three-pointer in baseball or something. But who or what were these hundreds of people waiting for in the middle of the snow outside Yokohama Arena?

“To everyone waiting to buy Uta no Prince-sama goods, don’t over do it…is what I want to say, but I’m sure you’ll be out there. It looks cold! (-“-;) Good luck!”

That’s right, these enthusiastic line-waiters are just hoping to buy some merchandise for their favorite franchise. Which doesn’t seem so crazy until notice the time stamp on this next tweet.

“Uta no Prince-sama Merchandise Sales: In the back, there’s a line. It’s too dark to really make it out, but people are lined up.”

4:27 AM?! That’s when most reasonable people go to sleep! According @P_gorilla, the snow started piling up around 4am. By 6am, it wasn’t clear if it was snow or rain. At 7am, it was snowing properly, and from 8 to 9am, the snow got heavier before becoming rain. Which is usually the kind of information we get from the Weather Channel, but we’re thinking they should start outsourcing their reporting!

The Twitter user also noted that the goods were officially supposed to go on sale at 10am, but due to the weather and the popsicle-like humans outside, they moved things up by an hour. Unfortunately, being so far back in line, @P_gorilla still didn’t get inside until after 10!

Above is a tweet of a photo taken around 5:19 in the morning–and it looks like the snow is moving just about horizontally!

When there’s snow caking on your umbrella, it’s time to just go home!

The tweet above is from @25sara25, who apparently went all the way to Yokohama from the heart of Tokyo, getting there around 6:50am…to find quite a line already stretching out!


That is a lot of very cold Uta no Prince-sama fans!

Above is another tweet from 7:08am–and it looks like the snow has given way to just simple biting cold. We’re sure the line-waiters appreciated that!

Yokohama Arena seems like a nice place, but we can’t help thinking the inside must be a lot better than the outside. At least, in January, anyway.

In this tweet from 8:02am, the snow has come back in full force! If this were a real sport, we’re guessing this would be the underdog team’s post-half-time rally. Though we’re not sure who the underdog is here…

That is just a whole lot of nope!

As much as we admire the perseverance and patience these folks have shown standing in the cold for way too long, we have to say that we’re pretty happy we just stayed in bed this morning. As great as Uta no Prince-sama might be, it can’t be better than a warm blanket, can it?

Source:  Twitter via Jin115
Image: Twitter