We all need pampering now and then. Whether it’s a good massage or a mani-pedi at the nail salon, a little me-time goes a long way towards helping you smile and unwind after a long week at work.

If it’s been a while since you last spoilt yourself with a relaxing spa visit, these photos are sure to remind you of what you’re missing. Meet Hana-chan the hedgehog, a girl who enjoys a regular grooming ritual so relaxing it makes her fall asleep with a satisfied smile. This is the most chillaxed animal you’ll see all day!

▼ Here Hana-chan is getting ready for her beauty treatment.

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▼ Usually when she’s on her back, Hana-chan looks like a little ball of stress.

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▼ But when she gets her nails done, all her worries seem to float away.

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▼ Hana’s owner was surprised to find she had fallen asleep after her regular nail trim.

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▼ The power of human touch could play a part in her amazing reaction but one thing is certain – Hana loves getting her nails trimmed.

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▼ She also makes no objections to a good belly rub during her pampering session.

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According to her owner, Hana’s nails are always quick to grow. Which means there’ll be more mani-pedis and many more cute photos coming our way in the future!

Source: トゥギャッチ
Images: かずP@_kazu_p_ Twitter