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Swiss Army knives are a handy way to keep a multitude of tools together in one convenient package. But what if you prefer your do-it-yourself project equipment to be more evocative of Mt. Fuji than the Matterhorn, while still retaining its weaponry-based inspiration? If that’s the case, you’ll need to get this multi-tool that’s shaped like a ninja throwing star.

The Shuriken-Shaped Multi-Tool is the latest creation from designer and Twitter user Fuuuwa. Actually, his pointy metallic brainchild has three older siblings, as this is the fourth shuriken multi-tool he’s developed.

▼ The previous version

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Fuuuwa’s packed a plethora of functions into the thin piece of metal, including a hole punch, thread cutter, two flathead screwdrivers, three rulers, and three wire gauges. There’s also a serrated saw along the left edge of the bottom point in the photo below, and the barbed corner along the bottom edge of the right point can be used as a bottle opener, because what’s the point of a little home carpentry or electrical work without the added difficulty of knocking back a few cold ones during the process?

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There are also no fewer than 12 wrenches, ranging in metric sizes from four to 14 millimeters plus a 1/4-inch spanner. All together, the multi-tool has 23 different uses, or 24 if you count using it as an actual throwing star to be used against invading samurai or oni demons.

While the Shuriken-Shaped Multi-Tool isn’t currently available in stores, Japanese crowdfunding site Frentemp announced through its official Twitter account that it’s starting work on a project (albeit without specifying any details) to make Fuuuwa’s creation available to would-be ninja and handymen.

It seems like it would make a novel souvenir from Japan, too, but just remember to pack it in your checked baggage, though. Given how it looks, it’d be pretty tough explaining to airport security that’s it’s primarily a wrench (12 of them, actually).

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