A cat owner’s plea for help removing his pet’s paw from a mousetrap apparently took a turn towards national emergency proportions recently when not one, not two, but five firefighters were to sent rescue the kitty.

Crisis was apparently averted when the five firefighters devised a plan and managed to cut the feline free, luckily having remembered to bring their bolt cutters (and, inexplicably, camouflage fatigues); going back for them would have wasted precious minutes in which the cat would have spent in dire discomfort, considering the firefighters traveled an apparent 10 kilometers each way to lend a hand.


The incident took place in Changzhou City in Jiangsu Prefecture and has sparked national headlines questioning whether sending a whole team of firefighters was really the best use of city resources. Indeed, judging from photos, the cat looks more ashamed and slightly bored than in pain, and – while the mousetrap looks like some sort of sophisticated weapons-grade rodent-destroying equipment – many argue the cat’s owner probably could have figured something out him/herself. Loading a mousetrap in the first place is typically accomplished by human hands, after all, so odds are it would have just been a matter of pulling the wire back.

Suffice it to say, all’s well that ends well, and there were luckily no reports of any fires raging out of control during the incident due to the city fire station’s sudden shortage of personnel.

Source/image: Shanghaiist