The other day we came out with a list of some Valentine’s Day chocolates that are almost too beautiful to eat. If only we’d had a list of “chocolates so life-like you might not even realize that they are chocolates,” these “Crayons Colorés” would surely have gotten the top spot.

As a Valentine’s Day special, the Palace Hotel Tokyo’s pastry shop, “Sweets & Deli,” has come out with beautifully designed colored pencils, I mean, colored pencil-shaped chocolates.

▼ The box even resembles a pencil case!


As colored pencils, they’d be a perfect gift for that cute artist you’ve been eyeing, but the pencils are so elegantly designed, with patterns suggestive of traditional Edo era paper and kimono prints, anyone could appreciate them. And hey, even if they can’t, in the end it’s all about eating the chocolate anyway and these are bound to be as delicious as they are life-like!

▼ We’re sure these are made of chocolate?


In the set of five, each color has a different pattern, but despite their tasty-looking hues, they are all white-chocolate flavored and you can’t actually color anything with them– you might want to warn the cute artist before he takes out his sketch pad.

The pencils are available from February 1 through 14, so you’ll have plenty of time to buy some for the RocketNews24 office, because as writers, we need a lot of pencils… and chocolate.

Source: NetLab
Images: Palace Hotel Tokyo Online Shop