It sucks finding out you paid a lot more for something than you should have. What would make that situation suck even more is being berated for it in public as passersby gather like flies to a cow pie to watch and capture your humiliation on video, forever cementing your shame on the internet. Which is exactly what happened to this poor unfortunate soul when his wife found out he paid six times what he should have on baby formula.

We’re not sure whether to laugh at his crazy wife, or feel sorry for this man…

The unnamed man apparently bought the cans of baby formula for 300 Chinese yuan (about US$48), which the wife says only cost 50 yuan each (about US$8).

We’re not sure why anyone would think that’s a reasonable price for formula, nor why anyone would want to pay that much, but perhaps Dad here hasn’t had a very active role with the grocery shopping lately. The man does get some sympathy from commenters who watched the video, however:

“Maybe he thought he was getting something good for his kid… Maybe he was told it was made in Japan or something, or that it was safe. It’s so sad.”

“That had to have been some premium formula for sure.”

“That poor husband. After he went out and bought it for her too… I understand her being upset but all she had to do was give him a warning…”

Okay, yes, we do feel bad for the poor father too. Maybe he was just trying to get the best for his child? But at the same time we can’t help but be amused at his wife’s crazy tirade, particularly when she appears to unleash some sort of Street Fighter-style attack (Hundred Hand Slap, maybe?) on him. Watch for it around 0:55.

“The scene when he stuffs everything back in the bag and runs after her makes a great ending,” writes another commenter. A perfectly fitting ending, indeed!

Source/feature image: Zaeega