We normally don’t think of ourselves as a shallow bunch here at RocketNews24–not when we have such potentially life-altering news to report as the latest Sailor Moon-themed merchandise or the newest collection of cute cat photos to come out of Japan.

But occasionally there are those days when a little eye-candy does wonders to brighten up our wonderful readers’ days. For instance–anyone care to see photos of a hot Thai model/moto-taxi driver dude?

It’s time for the latest post in the recurring “hot guys doing things” series!

According to the folks at Coconuts Bangkok, a female assistant of the famous Thai TV and radio host Vuthithorn “Woody” Milintachinda recognized the model/part-time moto-taxi driver, who then took a picture of him; the photo has since gone viral.


So who is this mysterious hottie? He’s Dechapat Thanadawong, a male model who also earns some side money as a motorcycle taxi driver stationed outside of Bangkok’s Praram 9 (Rama IX). “It’s better than staying home and pointlessly waiting for good luck,” he wrote on Instagram after the photo of him blew up. “Don’t be embarrassed to work. Don’t be offended by small money!”

Here are some more pictures of him working at both of his jobs:





We suppose now is the time to start cracking the silly pick-up lines. Ten points and a high-five from Mr. Sato to whomever can come up with the best!

We’ll start you off–“Hey babe, want a ride?”

Sources/Images: Coconuts BangkokWebsta (artboysza)