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Ever felt like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? Whether you’re working, a parent, a student, or all of the above, it can be tough trying to fit all the things that need to be done into your daily schedule. But after a Japanese magazine gave us a peek into the day of one Japanese working mother, we’re not sure whether to be in awe of all that she manages to accomplish, or to question her sanity.

Twitter user @taka_paris, who posted the picture of the magazine article featuring this woman’s schedule, writes “Sorry, no matter how many times I look at this I can’t get my head around it. And I think publishing something like this is a crime.”

We completely understand you, Taka.

So let’s take a look at a day in the life of this working mama. Yes, it really does start at FOUR TWENTY A.M.

4:20am Wake up; Make breakfast and pack lunches

Clean up the kitchen

4:30am Daughter wakes up

5:00am Daughter goes to school

6:00am Wake up son

6:30am Eat breakfast together

7:00am Son goes to school

Clean the toilet and the sink

8:00am Go to work

8:00pm Come home

Wash a load of laundry and rinse kids’ lunch boxes

Change clothes and prep next day’s lunches

Fold laundry while food is cooking

11:00pm Kids take a bath

Do one more load of laundry

12:00am Take a bath

Clean the tub and mirror while in the bath

1:00am Check email

Clean the toilet

1:30 Go to bed

I just can’t…

First, I feel this woman’s lack of sleep must be addressed. As someone who has always been told that seven to eight hours a night is ideal (and you better believe those seven to eight hours are dearly cherished) it is hard to fathom trying to function on a mere three. However, Japan is the country that has the saying 四当五落 – yontou goraku – a kind of motto that Japanese students go by when going through the hellish process of cramming for university entrance exams. This saying means “Sleep four hours and pass, sleep five hours and fail.” In other words, the less you sleep, the more time you have to study. This woman must be applying this way of thinking to her daily life.

▼You may lose your mind and some years off your life, but at least you’ll get into the school you want…

koukou benkyouImage: Koukou Juken

Another thing of concern are her apparent long working hours – no nine-to-five office job for this woman. While not always the case, 12+ hour workdays, heaps of overtime, six-day working weeks, and the like are not unheard of in Japan either, and there are a number of terms the Japanese have to describe the plight of the overworked. One, for example, being 過労死 karoushi, which literally means death from overwork. We hope this will not be the case for this poor soul.

Many questions are still left unanswered though. Why does she need to clean the toilet twice a day? It leaves me feeling rather inadequate with my once-weekly cleaning. Also, what on earth does her daughter do at school at 5am? Does this woman eat dinner? Is she actually a robot?

We’re not sure whether the magazine published this article to help motivate people, or to make its reader feel grateful they don’t live this woman’s life. We’re definitely feeling a little more of the latter, and we’re also hoping this crazy mother remembers to take a break here and there too!

Source/Featured image: Twitter @taka_paris via Hachima Kikou