nya nya sniff board

Sometimes the news can get a little heavy-handed. Topics like terrorism or tax hikes can raise blood pressure, cause grumbling about the horrible state of the world, and eventually get to the point where it’s just so boring that you shut it off.

But one news show has figured out a way to keep viewers interested, even during the difficult parts: just have a cute cat walk around the news desk and be generally adorable while everyone is talking about serious subjects.

We’re not kitten you, it’s fur-real.

The ingenious news show behind this idea is “Shūkan Nyūsu Shinsho” (The Weekly News Book). Ever since they started in 2008, they’ve had a cat just walking around causing mischief while the people in suits alternate between having serious conversations and doting over the sweet little kitty.

The first cat to take up the difficult task of keeping viewers and guests entertained was Māgo. He mostly did a lot of loafing and lounging:

▼ Here he is flopped in front of Former Prime Minister Yoshirō Mori.


▼ And here he is flopped in front of Former Minister Shigeru Ishiba.


▼ And here he is sticking his head inside a mug of tea in front of Former Prime Minster Tarō Asō.


If you want to listen to Māgo’s beautiful voice, then watch this. You can hear exactly what he thinks of Former Prime Minster Noda. Keep in mind that all of these were filmed live and aired on TV exactly as you’re seeing them.

Unfortunately Māgo passed away last October. While his laid-back style will forever be remembered, his successor, Nyānya – a rescue cat found in Meguro – is a little bit more energetic.

▼ She’s not afraid to get her nose dirty with some investigate journalism.

nyanya sniff personYouTube

▼ “I’ll soften him up while you guys hit him with the hardball questions.”

nyanya petted

▼ “Woah, watch the hand buddy!”

nyanya surprisedYouTube

▼ “What’s this smell like?”

nya nya sniff board

▼ “What’s this taste like?”

nyanya biting

▼ “What’s under here?”

nyanya investigating

▼ Oh no, Nyānya! Not in front of the guests!

nyanya cleaning

▼ Nyānya likes to jump around. Watch the video below to see how well she does it (spoiler alert: not very).

nyanya jump

If you want more Nyānya antics, then check out the official Shūkan Nyūsu Shinsho website. They have the parts from each episode where the hosts play with the cats archived for your viewing pleasure.

So what do you think of having cats on the news? Personally, I think if we had them here then I’d probably be a lot more knowledgeable about current events. Would you like to see cats hanging around the studio on your local news? Or are you just not feline it and think you’ll stick with the mew-spaper instead? Let us know in the comments!

Source: AOL News Japan, Wikipedia
Featured/insert images: YouTube