By now we have pretty established that video-streaming site Niconico is in its own league when it comes to innovation…or pure weirdness. However, we are still constantly amazed by the unique ideas extremely creative Niconico users put up on the internet. Think you’re good at Super Mario World? This particular Mario Master has decided to up the game by playing Mario using…a recorder. Sorry, no; recorder with his nose.

We aren’t quite sure why the Niconico user in question, Wakou, wouldn’t play the recorder with his mouth, because playing Mario with a recorder alone seems like a pretty epic feat. However, this brave challenger showed us in this 26-minute video that nothing is impossible if you have lots and lots of time to practice.

Wakou has somehow programmed the game to be controlled by sound, then using his recorder to make the sounds that would correspond to different commands in the game such as jumping and moving left and right. At the beginning of the video, he seems to have a pretty easy time, and is even able to play along with the classic Mario tunes that we’re all too familiar with. However, he progresses it becomes clear that matching sounds to the action on-screen is much harder than it looks. The cognitive mismatch probably look some time getting used to.


On top of the gameplay itself, Wakou’s funny reactions in the top-left corner are also worth watching out for. For example, when he makes a mistake and gets killed, he shows so much despair that even we started to feel genuinely sorry for him.


At other times, when he manages to maneuver through a tricky situation, he doesn’t hesitate to clench his fist in a victory salute.

Check out the full video here:

Apparently, this is how the notes were mapped to the controls:

Do -> Up

Re -> Left

Mi -> Down

Fa -> Right

So -> B

La -> B-Right

Ti -> Y-Right

and so on. Did you manage to catch on to the patterns? If you have half an hour to spare, this could be a great time killer!

Source/Images: Niconico, h/t NetoLabo