Japan’s love for the women of Taiwan has been skyrocketing recently. There’s been everything from the dressed-up McDonald’s employees in Taiwan, to that “sexy ice cream girl” in Taipei, to a random Taiwan news reporter, to the borderline creepy Taiwanese schoolgirl photo album.

The most recent Taiwanese girl craze is definitely part of that last “borderline creepy” category. It’s a pair of 13-year-old Taiwanese performers known as “Sandy & Mandy” who have over a million likes and followers on Facebook, and now, seemingly just as many Japanese men falling in love with them as well.

Just for a little background on the twins, the two of them started out as models for Taiwanese fashion magazines, then started uploading movies and photos of themselves performing songs and dancing on their Facebook profile, skyrocketing their popularity. They’re planning on targeting more audiences outside of Taiwan – especially focusing on Japan – within the next year, so they’re only going to get more popular from here.

Of course all of this is fine and dandy, but then you get comments like “Oh my god they’re beautiful” or “They’re legit hot” or “Just having one of them be that pretty is a miracle… but two?!

To put it in perspective, here’s a picture of the twins:

▼ “Legit hot” are not quite the first words that come to mind.

But that’s just this humble writer’s opinion. Here’s some more pictures and videos from the girls’ Facebook page so you can make your own decision:

▼ Here they are counting down New Year’s Eve.

▼ And hanging out with a cat. This we can appreciate.

▼And, uh, painting their nails…. Let’s move on.

▼ Here they are dancing to the K-Pop song “Glass Bead” by G-FRIEND.

▼ And another K-Pop song “Candy Jelly Love” by Lovelyz.

▼ And for a different flavor of K-pop, “Good Boy” by Big Bang’s GD and Taeyang.

The girls certainly do have talent, and there’s probably a bright future for them in the entertainment industry should they decide to pursue it. We just hope that when they eventually go to Japan, their fans don’t inappropriately show how happy they are to see them.

But what do you think? Is it all just innocent and adorable? Or is the incredible amount of attention that the pair of dancing and smiling 13-year-olds is getting cringe-worthy and creepy?

Source: AOL News Japan
Featured/top image: Facebook