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High school can be a challenging time for young Japanese people, as the pressures of adult responsibility loom and the prospect of university entrance exams threatens to define your whole future.

That doesn’t mean kids don’t find time for fun, though. Like these two high-schoolers just showing us how they roll.

Like two graceful dung-beetles helping each other loop around school, the pair show grit, determination, and an impressive reluctance to let each others’ heads hit the floor as they roll shirtless along the corridor. Onlookers at the all-boys school cheer in delight as the friends pull off their trick.

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We’re going to ask Mr. Sato if he’ll find a partner (any volunteers?) and give it a go!

▼ Just as soon as we’ve stopped laughing at this shot where they look like a giant man-chicken.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.32.25

Source: KarapaiaVine/kamikou
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