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“Y’all can’t be serious man,” HTC’s painfully awkward rap video begins as the beat kicks in. And, for a second there, we kind of wondered the exact same thing ourselves.

Released last week by Taiwanese (high) tech company HTC, “Hold the Crown” is an ultra-low budget battle-rap dedicated to the self-proclaimed “king” of smartphones, the HTC One M8, and calling out rivals the iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy. It’s one of the most baffling yet brilliant things we’ve ever seen.

Put together and performed by “Doc G” from rap group “PM Dawn” in collaboration with purported HTC exec David Bruce, this cringeworthy video openly mocks rivals Samsung and Apple, showing their smartphones and puny chumps barely able to lift floppy pink dumbells and struggling to keep up with the HTC One M8’s might:

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“Your phone was all glass, why you changed your tune now?” Doc G barks in a certain Cupertino-based company’s direction. “Your chip is slower and you’ll never touch our Boomsound.” He then turns his attention to the world’s most famous Korean tech company: “More than a few clowns stole what we originated. We own the universe, your Galaxy is overrated.”

Burn. This is smack-talk at its best, and yet HTC’s Nathan For You-esque video shows that the Taiwanese underdog isn’t afraid to make itself look, well, kind of ridiculous in the process of dishing it out:

▼ Yup. That’s the appropriate response right there.


Either HTC are absolute geniuses or someone over at their publicity department has lost their mind. Either way, this is quite possibly the best corporate-sponsored smartphone battle-rap song video we think we’ve ever seen.

We’ll leave you now with an interview with hardcore HTC lover Doc G. It’s gloriously awkward.

Source/screenshots: YouTube (HTC America)