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A passenger plane carrying 58 people has crashed into a river near in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, just minutes after taking off, narrowly avoiding smashing into an elevated highway as it went down. Footage of the incident, which resembles a scene from a Hollywood action film, was caught on drivers’ dashboard-mounted cameras and has been shared online.

We should warn you that some readers may find the following footage unsettling.

▼ The moment the plane went down

The dashcam footage clearly shows the plane’s left wing hitting a yellow taxi being driven along the stretch of road. It then clips a portion of the roadside barrier before the plane disappears right and out of the shot, smashing into the water below seconds later.

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Air traffic control lost contact with the TransAsia Airways plane soon after it had taken off from Taipei Songshan Airport on Wednesday morning, BBC News reports. Although 28 survivors are believed to have been rescued, it is thought that at least 12 of the 58 people onboard were killed in the crash. The whereabouts of the remaining passengers is still unknown.

In this second video, we can see the plane coming down atop of the highway in the distance.

▼ Eyewitness photos were quickly shared online

▼ The search for the remaining passengers goes on

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