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Michelangelo once said he sees “in every block of marble, a statue as plain as though it stood before him.” He speaks the truth; sometimes you can’t help but see a masterful work of art begging to be exposed from everyday objects. Especially when the item has already been anthropomorphized with a smiley face!

The eternal artist doesn’t allow such a great opportunity to pass them by. A Japanese ice cream called “Panapp” provides an excellent chance to sculpt a face in your dessert. It’s the snack that smiles right back, until you scream your face off!

Panapp is an ice cream that is infused with a sauce, like fruit or chocolate, and normally injected into four different spots. It adds a little bit of fun flavor to the already amazing treat!

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Every once in a while, you might be lucky enough to grab a special Panapp that has the syrup injected in the shape of a smiley face. It’s great because a smiley face means more sauce, but it also means you get a chance to make the face even more expressive.

scary ice 1

Look at it smiling at you; it’s just begging you to reveal the inner face that lies beneath that creamy ice cream surface. What sculpture can you see inside? Does it happen to look like this…?

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OMG! Quick, scroll down, get it off the screen!

Twitter User @38beem has reached into the depths of his psyche to pull out this monstrosity from his delightful ice cream. That menacing face will only get worse with time, since as the ice cream melts, the details become smoother and more grotesque. Is this an improvement on the happy smiley face or descent into horror?

And with a medium as malleable as ice cream, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of other people who have taken a crack at sculpting their frozen dessert.

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When you open a Panapp and see the happy face smiling back at you, how could you not turn it into a disturbing nightmare? It’s just begging to be done. Share your best ice cream terrors or pleasantries in the comments below.

Source: Twitter via Net Lab
Images: Twitter (@38beem)