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While the main Final Fantasy series went multi-platform with Final Fantasy XIII, most people still tend to think of Square Enix’s role playing franchise as a standard-bearer for Sony’s PlayStation consoles. Likewise, The Legend of Zelda has had the throne of fantasy-themed video games for Nintendo’s home consoles all to itself since Final Fantasy VII jumped ship for the original PlayStation back in 1997.

But just because Final Fantasy and Zelda act as figurative haymakers between Sony and Nintendo in terms of their competition for gamers’ hard-earned cash, that doesn’t mean the gamers themselves can’t enjoy both extremely polished series. One such equal-opportunity virtual adventurer is artist Shattered-Earth, whose taken the iconic logos of four Final Fantasy sequels, but recast them with the cast of The Legend of Zelda.

Just in case it’s been a while since you looked at the box art for the Square Enix classics (some of which predate Square’s merger with former role-playing rival Enix), here’s the original logo for Final Fantasy VIII, showing male and female leads Squall and Rinoa in a loving embrace.

FZ 9

And here’s that same tender pose, but with Skyward Sword’s Link and Zelda instead.

FZ 6

Final Fantasy X’s logo had mystic Yuna, the very first Final Fantasy heroine with a voice, emerging from a raging sea.

FZ 10

This time, Shattered-Earth swaps in Ocarina of Time’s Princes Zelda and recurring porcine antagonist Ganondorf.

FZ 5

Final Fantasy XIII’s logo is extremely ornate, even by the standards of the aesthetically minded series.

FZ 11

Although explaining exactly what it is would spoil a major plot point of the game, what we can say is that if you traced the outline, it’d look a lot like…

FZ 7

…The Wind Fish, the whale-like entity from Link’s Awakening.

Finally, here’s Final Fantasy VII’s ultimate form of black magic/delicious dessert, Meteor.

FZ 12

Just as capable of smashing a planet, though, is the freaky moon with a face from Majora’s Mask, with helper fairy Tatl tagging along.

FZ 8

Hmm…looking at those last two, we think we may have spotted the inspiration for Shattered-Earth’s pseudonym. If you’re looking to see more of the talented artist’s work, you can check out her Tumblr and Deviant Art pages here and here, respectively, as long as you’re not too busy replaying the eight great games featured in her mashups.

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Source: Tumblr via Kotaku Japan
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