Infographics are designed to present complex information in a digestible, easy-to-understand visual format. And, y’know, to make jokes about national stereotypes sometimes.

There’s one doing the rounds at the moment called ‘Why people run in different countries’, which supposedly depicts – you guessed it! – the reasons why people from different countries might feel the need to run. Perhaps unsurprisingly, commenters from the countries depicted in the meme quickly came forward to ask “WTF why is Australia upside-down?” and to point out that “Americans don’t run for hamburgers – haven’t you ever heard of drive-thru?!”

Japanese netizens were similarly perplexed by the creator’s choice of what people in Japan are running from, and came up with a surprising interpretation of what’s going on here.

We begin our infographic journey in Europe.

▼ See, Spanish people run from bulls, and Italians run after girls. So far, so stereotypical.


Next, we’re off to the Americas!

▼ Insert 7-1 joke here.

Brazil USA

A little stop-off in Ireland and Saudi Arabia for some alcohol-related goading:

Ireland Saudi

Back to Europe for some depictions of what people there do in their free time:

Netherlands Norway

And over to Asia, where we learn that the only thing South Korea is afraid of is those giant spiky purple things we’re assuming are something from StarCraft:

S Korea

And Japan, where people run from…the King of the Monsters himself!

For some reason, a handful of Japanese commenters were puzzled by the depiction of their countrymen as running away from Godzilla:

“What are they trying to say?”

“I don’t see what they’re getting at.”

And many saw a specific, deeper meaning to the iconic representation:

“Godzilla = nuclear radiation?”

“The character of Godzilla represents nuclear weapons, so this must be about Fukushima.”

“Ohh, because we are running from the nuclear threat.”

We’re not convinced that the artist’s intention was to make a point about the Fukushima disaster or the future of nuclear power in Japan. It seems a lot more likely they just hit on the idea Godzilla as a funny giant monster for Japan to be running from. But we’ll leave you to mull that one over as you enjoy this one final comment from an especially disgruntled Japanese netizen:

“Why do all the other countries have jokey stereotypes but we’re actually being criticised?”

You see, the joke’s always funnier when someone else is the butt of it.

Source: Yurukuyaru, 9GAG
Images: 9GAG