SK gym instructor now and past

While it’s hard to believe, not everyone is born fitting perfectly into the extremely high (and sometimes, a little repetitive) standards of what a person “should” look like. Recently, some Korean net users were reminded of this little fact of life when they came across photos of a gorgeously curvaceous South Korean fitness instructor during her days as a cute girl-next-door type.

Not believing the woman could become this dramatically beautiful without the help of a good plastic surgeon, the before and after pics sparked a debate about beauty standards and why we care so much about how we look. Click below to see more photos of the fitness guru who went from cute to va-va-voom.

While there’s nothing wrong with cute, this fitness instructor certainly turned it up a few notches over the years and none can argue with her amazing physique. Of course her job probably keeps her in pretty great shape, but some online argued that looking this good took more than just exercise. Here’s a video of her teaching pilates on a Korean TV show to show how she looks today.

But the photos that surfaced online recently revealed that she didn’t always have this supermodel-like beauty. The pictures showed a still very beautiful girl, but someone whose adjective was probably closer to “cute” than “hot.”

Take a look at the five photos of this fitness instructor from the past:

SK gym instructor past 1

SK gym instructor past 7

SK gym instructor past 2

SK gym instructor past 3

SK gym instructor past 5

Now compare that to more recent pictures of the woman whose beauty, some say, is “unfair.”

SK gym instructor now 8

SK gym instructor now 12

SK gym instructor now 13

SK gym instructor now 10

SK gym instructor now 9

SK gym instructor now 11

SK gym instructor now 14

SK gym instructor now 15

SK gym instructor now 16

SK gym instructor now 17

Some argue that the differences between the past and current photos of this woman are too unbelievable without taking into account a little plastic surgery. Others argued that this is what happens in a society where beauty standards are so high that even already very pretty women have to get work done to achieve them.

What do you think of this woman’s journey from girl-next-door to super-slim TV fitness instructor? Is this just the result of hours at the gym or has she had little help from a surgeon? And if so, did she even need it, or is society simply producing a bunch of super-slim clones by setting the bar so high?

Source: Stomp
All Images: Viral Charm