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We see a lot of unusual things here at RocketNews24, coming in all shapes and sizes, but there is always a little squeal in our hearts when we find a miniature version of…anything. We’ve talked about mini-bonsai, mini-theater seats, mini-books, mini ninja houses, and of course the hamster that tends his own tiny bar. But none of these mini-parties are enough; there needs to be some mini-food! Better yet, how about some tiny food made with real ingredients! It’s time to break out your miniature kitchen sets!

Several companies in Japan have waded into the miniature cooking scene with kitchen sets, appliances and utensils that look as real as their normal-sized counterparts. Konapun from Bandai released several series of these cute sets and gave kids a fun way to “cook” with powder and water.

The online retailer Re-Ment is also dedicated to all things small with tiny versions of several characters including Rilakkuma and Doraemon as well as tiny versions of animals and food.

It’s a capybara! 

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But none of it is real! Or it wasn’t, until YouTubers AAAjoken and Miniature Space took all the tiny items they’d collected and decided to cook with the real stuff…and make some mini-meals with some mini-foods.

Yes, even mini (quail) eggs were used in the making of this video.

mini food 1

Don’t forget to use your tiny knife when cutting your tiny food!

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They’ve also made videos where they cooked pancakes, French fries, and even dabbled with one grain sushi!

Nigiri and gunmaki for your eating pleasure! Bon appetit!

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The patience and skill needed to perform this feat of art is really impressive, and certainly not everyone will have the dexterity to neatly separate pieces of rice or cut a potato with a knife that is smaller than the potato itself.

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We can only hope the next videos are of miniature food taste tests!

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Source: Game Over
Images: Re-Ment, YouTube (AAAjoken,  Miniature Space)