Last year, Taiwanese netizens went gaga when one of the local subway systems, the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT), introduced two moe mascots to liven up their stations. The two anime girls, Xiao Qiong and Emilia, stirred up such a huge sensation, it seemed as if they were the only example of their kind in the country, but Taiwan has more moe than that!

If moe culture is your cup of tea, you’ll probably like this because we’ve got more Taiwanese anime mascots after the jump!

Just to start the ball rolling, here are the “K.R.T. Girls”, Xiao Qiong and Emilia, who previously stirred up a moe storm in Taiwan. Do you remember them?

▼ Xiao Qiong

▼ Emilia

Even before Xiao Qiong and Emilia made their debut in 2014, Taiwan Railway had already been incorporating moe culture into their promotional regime. Since 2012, the rail operator has had not just two, but five adorable mascots under its wing!

▼ Collectively known as Miss Taiwan Railway

▼ Rail (芮兒), a chief conductor.


▼ Alice (愛麗絲), a railway attendant who’s also the younger twin sister of fellow Miss Taiwan Railway Dorothy.


▼ Chef Hsia (阿霞師), who is a chef, of course. Someone has to prepare all the delicacies served onboard.


▼ Dorothy (桃樂絲), who is also a railway attendant like her just barely younger twin sister Alice.


▼ Railway (芮薇), a conductor. Her name may be similar to Rail, but they are unrelated.


▼ It’s not just the trains that have cute girls holding the fort, Microsoft Silverlight too has a Taiwan-exclusive anime cover girl named Hikaru Aizawa (蓝泽光) who has been around since 2010.

▼ She even sings!

Also conceptualized by Simon, the company which created the K.R.T. Girls, are the following moe girls who have been actively promoting various events and campaigns.

▼ Xuan Ying (絢櫻) the shrimp girl who is the culture and tourism mascot of Ping Tung County, inspired by the area’s abundant production of sakura shrimp.

▼ Magi (玛姬/迷路小瑪) endorses the annual Christmas event that takes place in Wanchin District of Ping Tung County.

▼ And finally, Air (艾兒), who was created for an advocacy campaign proposed by the Vehicle Engineering Faculty of the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology.

Looks like it won’t be long before Taiwan blossoms into a moe-land that is only second to the ultimate land of cute, Japan!

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Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Miss Taiwan Railway on Facebook