According to Pennsylvania’s famed groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, the U.S. has another six weeks of winter ahead of it. The States aren’t alone though; February is a cold, dreary month all over the freeze-inflicted parts of the northern hemisphere, including much of Japan. One thing that makes the cold a little better though, is having some pretty snow on the ground to play in and to make the shivering cold (almost) worth it.

The only thing better than snow on the ground is finding snow in weird formations that might make you stop in your tracks, take a second look or like many Japanese netizens, take pictures to post on the Internet. Some of these strange snow formations from around Japan are pretty mind-boggling, so get ready!

▼ We really have no explanation for how this snow roll cake was made, but wouldn’t it be nice if all snow could be rolled up and disposed of so neatly?

▼ An up-close look at a different snow roll cake (or should that be snroll cake?).

▼ Wait, does this mean Japan has snow leopards?!

▼ Waking up to a fresh carpet of snow put a damper on this guy’s jogging plans, but the funny-looking frost piled on top of the potted plants made it almost worth it. I see a snowman, how about you?

Now, how did this even happen? Word of warning: Don’t stand below it.

▼ Snow covered bamboo is pretty awesome-looking!

▼ Apparently strong winds are to blame for this odd pattern of snow accumulation.

▼ Is the discount still good if you can’t actually read the sign?

▼ This is pretty spooky!

 It kind of looks like something’s hiding under the snow in this garden!

▼ Mother Nature can be so artistic sometimes.

snow ball

Twitpic (@chi_na_tsu_)

It looks like the snow decided to go for a little ride down the slide…

…and then a big ride down the slide!

▼ There appears to have been a small avalanche between the escalators in Musashikosugi Tokyu Square in Kanagawa.

How does it even…?


Twitpic (@harukamichi)

▼ Artist: Wind. Canvas: Snow. Looks like: Gelato (Yum!).

▼ That edge looks sharp enough to cut diamonds, but it might just turn to fluff if you touch it.

▼ This snow pile is really aerodynamic looking, but it doesn’t explain why the rest of the roof isn’t covered with snow.

▼ A snow crosswalk. Or someone crossed the street dragging a bag of sugar with a hole in it.

▼ This is fascinating and gross-looking at the same time.

And now we get into some interesting melting patterns. There are probably some logical reasons for these phenomena, but let’s just appreciate the artsiness for now.

▼ A different take on already beautiful Japanese manhole covers.

▼ “I don’t even like snow, but the way it’s sticking here is kind of pretty.”

▼ The snow has melted everywhere except in the shadow of the guard rail! How cool!


A photo posted by Shota Inoue (@soarsxxx) on

▼ And we leave you with this very beautiful snow-covered temple scene.

Any readers living on the American East Coast are bound to have some cool snow pictures after the recent record-breaking winter storms out there. How do they compare to these wacky Japanese photos? Northern Japan also just got hit by huge snowfalls, so there are bound to be more cool Japanese photos on their way too! With quite a bit of winter still left to go, keep your eyes peeled for more strange snow pile photos-ops!

Source: Naver Matome
Top Image: Twitter (@samurai_ball)
Images: Twitter, TwitPic