gundam horse

A farmer and self-proclaimed invention-addict from China decided to create a more economical replacement for the common horse – one that doesn’t require any food or daily care. While this mechanical horse won’t be winning races any time soon, it does get some points for creativity! See it in action after the jump.

According to the YouTube description, Su Daocheng, a farmer from Hubei Province, built this robotic contraption to replace real horses for plowing his fields.

To get it started, he revs the motor a few times, not unlike starting a gas-powered lawn mower, and away it goes at the speed of… smell. The thing makes a lot of noise as it clanks along, and for as unstable as it looks, it’s piddly legs somehow manage to support Su as he sits on top.

The horse is 1.5 meters tall by 2 meters long (approximately 4’11” by 6’6″) and weighs in at 250 kg (551 lbs). Su says his robotic horse is more economical than the real thing, since it does not require daily care, and the only thing it “eats” is gasoline.

▼Check out robo-horse in action!

As a piece of interesting art, Su’s robo-horse does have some merit, but it’s difficult to say if this would win against a real horse for efficiency when working the fields. Or even, say, a regular tractor plow?

Sixty-year-old Su says he loves inventions and making mechanical things, which we see more of in the video. Much like robo-horse, his other inventions could win a prize for creativity, but we’re left wondering of their usefulness, and having flashbacks of Sid’s room from Toy Story.


His robo-horse could definitely beat out regular pony rides at kids’ birthday parties, though – no need to watch where you step afterwards at least!

Source: YouTube via Kotaku Japan
Images: YouTube