When it comes to Japanese cuisine, sushi often gets most of the attention. However, within izakaya (dining bars), restaurants, even bento boxes around Japan, there is another menu item that everyone loves, kara-age, Japanese friend chicken.

The succulent, juicy, breaded chicken pieces are so irresistibly delicious that they don’t often last long enough to get their photo snapped and uploaded to social media (as is the trend). However, some Twitter users recently managed to take pictures of kara-age, played with the color a bit and discovered something remarkable… they don’t look like pictures of chicken, they look like pictures of explosions!

Twitter user @shinpachi_job started things off when he posted a picture of kara-age that looked incredibly similar to a scene of several explosions.

▼ Can you even see the chicken in there?

[tweet https://twitter.com/shinpachi_job/status/561700221315330048 align=center]

Amazed by this discovery, user @okotan had to try it for himself, and he did so with great success.

[tweet https://twitter.com/okotan/status/561779417198784512 align=center]

For the most part netizens are raving over these photos:

“It looks like a photo of the world exploding taken from the space station!”
“This is an ingenious idea.”
“All-purpose fried chicken.”
“What’d you say?! I really thought it was a picture of an explosion lol”
“This is better than CG!”

Some other netizens were unimpressed, stating that all they saw was kara-age. Maybe I have an overactive imagination, but now all I can see are explosions! What do you see? Just fried bird? Adorable puppies?

Also, if you happen to eat kara-age today, and you’ve got a camera nearby, you know what to do.

Source/Images: Twitter (@shinpachi_job , @okotan) via Hamusoku