When you hear the name Xinhua News Agency, which operates under the auspices the Chinese Communist Party, you might envision a drab Kafkaesque organization of steel faced bureaucrats controlling the nation’s source of information.

However, as Time’s David Stout uncovered on Xinhua’s official Twitter account they might be just a bunch of bros after all. After clicking on the 3,301 accounts the news organization was following he found a few colorful examples, most notably “Absolute JP P0rn.”

The discovery was made a little over a week ago and since then Xinhua has performed a major purging of its Following list, leaving a decorous three accounts, namely the UN, WHO, and UNICEF.

And with that they’ll lose the daily pornographic images that come onto their news feed, but what else could they do? It’s never fun getting caught with adult content, especially some so damningly named as “Absolute JP Porn.” One might expect such freewheeling shenanigans from those hippies over at other public media outlets like the BBC or CBC, but it’s always the ones you least suspect, isn’t it?

It’s unclear how China Xinhua News ended up following the porn feed and numerous other accounts, which Stout claimed featured “profile photos of attractive women.” There is the possibility their Twitter account was hacked, and I’m sure that’s why they’d say if you asked. Whatever the case it looks like they’re trying to iron out the kinks. Less than a day before this writing Xinhua began to rebuild it’s Following list back up to at least 59, including this guy below, only to delete them again shortly after.


Still, it’s nice to see that despite Xinhua’s often chilly attitude towards Japan they are beginning to reach out and something they can enjoy about their island-nation neighbor. It’s a small step but a step in the right direction, right?

Source: Time via Coconuts Hong Kong (English)