“You can also call me a future police officer. I’m more than proud to introduce my university to all of you.”

Meet Jin Pin Xuan (金品軒), a 21-year-old junior (third year student) currently enrolled at the top-ranking Chinese People’s Public Security University (中国人民公安大学) in Beijing, which is under the direct tutelage of China’s Ministry of Public Security.

In late December, Jin starred in a promotional video for her school, in which she spoke about her daily life as an officer-in-training, her reasons for choosing this career path, how dedicated she is to studying English, and some of the other exciting opportunities available to her in this program. Speaking of English, did we mention that she gives the entire presentation in almost flawless, close-to-native English?

Growing up under the influence of her police officer parents, Jin states that she always wanted to be police officer when she grew up, despite their wishes that she choose a less dangerous career path. Disregarding their concerns, however, she pushed forward with her dream and is now majoring in anti-terrorism at the prestigious Chinese People’s Public Security University in Beijing. She is also currently working as an intern at a local police station for part of her graduation requirements.

Known as the resident “goddess” on campus, Jin works hard to keep her body fit for the challenges of being on active police duty. She and her peers wake up at 6am every day to assemble and run three kilometers (1.86 miles). Her daily schedule also includes shooting classes, combat training, and a three-hour English lesson. Her hard efforts at studying English have clearly paid off; she placed first in a national “English talent competition” held last year, also earning herself a chance to study abroad in London at the same time.

▼She may be anti-terrorism, but she’s not “anti-selfie,” it would appear.


“I’m a future police officer, but don’t forget–I’m a 21-year-old girl as well, who is crazy about fashion, clothes, local snacks, and popular sports. And most importantly, I do love making friends.”


The public just can’t get enough of Jin ever since her school released a promotional video of her back in December. In the video, she’s seen wearing her special uniform, speaking proficient English, and demonstrating an impressive shooting ability. Give the video a watch in your spare time (unfortunately, the overall video quality is not very good):

▼Officer-in-training Jin compares her daily activities to those of the characters on the American crime drama TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. 


▼Guess it runs in the family–Mom and Dad are both cops as well.


▼Here she is participating in a Sino-Korean university exchange program in Seoul, South Korea.


▼And here she is appearing in the aforementioned English talent show, while giving fighting advice at the same time. Here’s a tip for the ladies: try using your knee to jab into any large would-be attackers.


▼Don’t forget that she’s still into all the same stuff as other college girls her age!


The following are some comments by net users who watched the video:

“I wouldn’t mind being arrested by her.”

“Her uniformed figure is divine.”

“Being a police officer is too dangerous! I wish she’d become an idol instead.”

On a final note, some net users couldn’t help speculating that by having Jin appear in this video, authorities were hoping to restore Chinese citizens’ faith in their country’s national law enforcing institution. It’s no secret that Chinese police have made international headlines in recent years for a multitude of scandals and bribery incidents. Hopefully Jin’s sweet and fresh-faced image can help restore the public’s confidence in her profession of choice.

Sources/Images: CyzoYouTube (Chineseaction)