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Considering that it’s scheduled to run for less than two months in Japan, we weren’t expecting much of the cast of Naruto to show up in the stage adaptation of the smash hit anime and manga franchise. Obviously protagonist Naruto, rival Sasuke, and fellow ninja Sakura would show up, but considering the limited number performances, hoping for many more performers seemed like wishful thinking.

But with 72 collected manga volumes, 615 anime episodes, and 10 theatrical features, the Naruto saga is filled with characters too cool to leave on the cutting room floor, which is why the play’s producers have just released photos of six more members of the cast in full costume.

In addition to the dozen characters already announced, several members of Naruto’s ninja Teams 8 and 10 will make appearances. Theater-goers can look forward to performances by…

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Anju Inami as Sakura’s childhood friend and erstwhile romantic rival Ino Yamanaka…

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…Hattori Tsubasa as intelligent yet chronically unambitious Shikamaru Nara…

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…Ryo Kato as Chouji Akimichi, who wears the kanji character for “eat” on his belly and can convert his girth into pure energy…

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…Yuta Iiyama as Kiba Inuzuka, whose feral characteristics tie in with his given name, which means “fang,”…

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…Shinichiro Ueda as Shino Aburame, who harbors a swarm of weaponized insects inside his body…

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…and finally, rounding out the list of newcomers, Saki Takahashi as Hinata Hyuuga, whose meek, reserved personality belies her status as daughter of the head of her ninja clan.

All of these performers will take the stage for the first time when the Naruto play opens in at Tokyo’s AiiA Theater on March 21.

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