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For their major debut, the seven-member female idol group ‘THE HOOPERS‘ will be releasing the single ‘Itoshi Koishi Kimi Koishi‘ on March 4. But what makes THE HOOPERS’ different to any other run-of-the-mill girls group? Well, ‘THE HOOPERS’ are a group composed of seven women dressed in men’s clothes. Now that’s not something you see every day.

Last year ‘THE HOOPERS’ were formed as a kind of ‘younger sibling’ group to the ‘Kusa Otoko Juku’ idol group. Even before their debut, every day of their concerts were sold out and many of the girls in Junior high schools across Japan were crazy fans. ‘THE HOOPERS’ members are without a doubt very cool indeed. On top of that, the girls make use of various dance and acrobatic techniques to set themselves apart from the rest. Want to see a bit for yourself? Well you can indulge in their teaser video on YouTube here.

Pretty handsome-looking women don’t you think? Just straight-up cool. You can probably understand why most of their fans are young girls now right? They look like the perfect men that have come straight out of a shoujo manga (comics for young girls). And because of this, it’s only natural that the girls can pull off the whole ‘disguising as men’ concept. Although most idol groups that have women dressed up in men’s clothes seem like they are being forced to do so, seeing ‘THE HOOPERS’ do so makes you feel that its something very natural for them. In addition, what makes the girls so charismatic is that although the catch phrase ‘Ikemen girls’ may be used for the group, it’s clear that many feel that the members are neuter gender, rather than just women or men.

Some other ‘ikemen girls’ groups that are very popular now include AKIRA, Fudan Juku and Nakano Fujo Sisters. ’THE HOOPERS’ are hopping on the bandwagon and fully embracing the boom.

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