Of all the phrases you might use to describe a sumo wrestler, “chiseled adonis” probably wouldn’t be one of them. Dedicated? Sure. Imposing? Certainly. Ripped six-pack abs? Yeah, not so much.

And while, sure, most of the best sumo wrestlers probably have hot wives as rich, famous athletes everywhere are wont to, most women aren’t exactly clawing for a shot at a date with any of the thousands of lower-ranked and amateur wrestlers of Tokyo’s sumo stables.

Unless, of course, you live in the world of the new Japanese dating sim, Ikemen Senshuraku.


Ikemen Senshuraku – which unfortunately doesn’t yet have a hilariously long and non-sensical official English title – takes place in an alternate universe in which sumo wrestling is the world’s top sport and a good half of the world’s population is somehow involved in it, paving the way for the sport to, apparently, finally adopt weight classes.

You fill the role of the new, teenaged female manager of a high school sumo club composed entirely, it seems, of those in the aforementioned “chiseled adonis” group and it’s up to you to both lead your sumo team to victory and betray your sworn oath to never date one of your stable’s wrestlers and pick out the perfect mawashi-sporting boyfriend.


The various different wrestlers you can date of course all have their own unique personalities, outfits and mawashi preference – including one guy who brings a bunch of fashion chains into the ring because in the world of Ikemen Senshuraku is friggin’ hardcore, and another guy that wears a mawashi made out of money.

We don’t think we’re anywhere near a reality where sumo wrestlers come in any shape or size other than “enormous barrel,” but we suppose if skinny sumo wrestlers is your niche, Ikemen Senshuraku is the next best thing.






Source: Netto Labo
Images: Official Blog