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Japan is famous for having a whole industry set up around letting guys do fairly mundane things in the presence of attractive women, with hostess bars and maid cafes dotting its urban entertainment quarters. But ladies like a little eye candy too, which is why host clubs and even butler cafes have sprung up to fill that need.

However, at most of these establishments catering to women, the physiques of the available companions fall into the categories of slim, slender, and skinny. With an alternative, though, is a new organization offering one-day bus tours with male attendants who’d instead be described as buff, ripped, or yoked. They’re looking for a group of ladies to spend the day picking strawberries and frolicking outdoors with, with the one catch that the female participants must weigh less than 100 kilograms (220 pounds), although there’s a fairly valid reason for the restriction.

The very first Macho Bus Tour was recently held. While in English-speaking countries “macho” is more of an attitude than a body type, in Japan it’s primarily used to describe an especially muscular build.

By that criteria, we’d say this member of the tour’s staff qualifies.

According to its website, the Macho Bus Tour doesn’t recruit its men from prison yards or underground fighting circuits. As a matter of fact, there seems to be a pretty strict code of conduct for them.

“Macho guys are not violent, and the only thing they hit is the weights.
They don’t smoke, and draw nothing into their lungs but air.
They don’t drink alcohol, but they do drink protein shakes.
They are strong. They are brave. They are wonderful.”

The tours are capped at 15 participants, who gather in the morning in Tokyo. The first part of the itinerary is a meet and greet with the macho guys of the day before everyone piles into a bus and heads out into the countryside to pick strawberries.

You may be wondering what makes picking fruit with the buff brigade special. First, while condensed milk is a common condiment for strawberries, the kind used for the Macho Bus Tour is mixed with protein powder. Second, and this seems to be the reason for the weight limit, the tour’s website advises participants that, “Should your and one of the macho guys’ eyes meet, he just might come and sweep you off your feet like a princess.”

▼ Looking at this guy’s bicep and shoulder mass, we think he could handle a quick deadlift of at least 105 kilograms, but we suppose the Macho Bus Tour has to draw the line somewhere.


Of course, with the metabolic rates needed to support all those muscles, you can’t expect these developed dudes to make a whole meal out of nothing but strawberries. That’s why the tour also includes a curry cookout, with the men preparing lunch al fresco for the ladies. Protein powder is once again available, provided by tour partner Be Legend Protein.


Afterwards, it’s time for a bodybuilding show, which seems to have been one of the first group’s favorite parts of the program.

From the photos, it’s obvious the men aren’t self-conscious about their bodies, and the tour’s website explains that if participants think the macho guys’ muscles are especially big or cut, they’d take such compliments as a well-earned reward for all those hours in the gym.


Next, to prove those muscles aren’t just for show, there’s a sports festival, in which the ladies form teams with the guys and compete with one another. The tour’s website doesn’t mention any specific events, but the term “sports festival” is often synonymous with light track and field in Japan, so some running should probably be expected. The website also shows a photograph of a few kayaks, although given their physical stature, we’re not sure all of the men would be able to comfortably fit into them.

The two next Macho Bus Tours are planned for February 22 and 28. Regular tickets cost 19,800 yen (US$168), while 22,800 gets you the V.I.P. treatment of having a macho guy sit next to you, although it’s not specified if this is on the bus, during lunch, or some combination of the two. Reservations can be made online (February 22 tour here, February 28 here).

Both tours start at 10 a.m. and arrive back in Tokyo the same day at 7:30 p.m. That’s when it’s time for everyone to say their macho good-byes, but don’t worry, the website promises that at the very end, the ladies all receive a special present from the macho guys to remember them by.

▼ Giving something in return is neither required nor expected, but if you absolutely feel the need to reciprocate, this guy could probably use a bigger tank top.


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