On 1 February, 2015 the often contentious relations between Asian countries were further inflamed when a woman of uncertain nationality spread out her pink bra and black panties to dry on the back of a bench in the lobby of Chiang Mai International Airport in Thailand.

According to Record China, Thai television programs have been introducing segments highlighting rude behavior of sightseers with titles like “Again, with the Chinese tourists!” In this instance the show Morning Bectero presented some images from a Facebook page showing some woman drying her underwear in the middle of the Thailand’s fourth-busiest airport.

Also shown are the Thai people’s comments which perhaps can best be summed up in this Garfield jpeg.

It should be noted that Morning Bectero mentions that this is only claimed to be a Chinese woman by the poster of the images, and perhaps wisely so. When word of this caught wind in China people were none too happy with the accusation. Here is some of the online reaction from China.

“Where’s the proof this is a Chinese woman?”
“She’s definitely Taiwanese.”
“These days anything and everything is blamed on the Chinese.”
“I think she’s Japanese.”
“That’s malicious reporting.”
“She’s from Hong Kong.”
“Don’t just go and assume she’s Chinese.”
“I’m just going to decide it’s a Thai transgender for no reason.”
“She’s a South Korean.”

The Chinese netizens certainly have a point that accusations shouldn’t be hurled around without the proper evidence. However, with their own charges directed at several other East Asian nations, this has now become yet another territorial dispute in the region.

No leaders have yet to comment on the underwear-drying-lady for fear it many link their country to her. This is a common tactic that Asian political scientists refer to as the “Smelt-It-Dealt-It Protocol” but unfortunately may leave this woman’s true nationality in dispute for years to come.

RocketNews24 reached out the White House to inquire whether President Obama may help to negotiate a settlement in this delicate matter. They have yet to get back to us…again.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News via Toychan (Japanese)
Video & Images: YouTube – Morning Bectero