We often say “seeing is believing”, but ironically, our brain and eyes are rather susceptible to visual trickery. Optical illusion art galleries that feature cleverly distorted artworks that manipulate the eyes’ perception of distance and depth have been gaining massive popularity in various parts of Asia in recent months. The original art pieces exhibited at these galleries allow visitors to physically be part of the “3-D” illustration, creating a unique and interactive experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

But why pay to pose with paintings that might not tickle your fancy, when you can live out your fantasies with your favorite manga characters? A bunch of students from South Korea created their very own “interactive” art gallery in their classroom featuring characters from Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball). Check them out!

In case you were wondering what this whole optical illusion art business is about, this is the Trick Eye Museum franchise that has taken South Korea, China and Singapore by storm.

Visitors can effortlessly “blend into” the various paintings simply by strategically positioning themselves before the illustrations, and capturing the moment from a specified perspective. But the Trick Eye Museum is just one among many exhibitors to showcase artworks of this genre.

Certain illustration techniques are required to really make the art pop, but if you’re not too hung up on the details, you could create your own optical illusion art with just a whiteboard and some markers, just like these creative students did with their favorite characters from Kuroko no Basuke!

▼ Holding hands and going on a date with Kagami.

▼ I bet many fans are dying to take a selfie with Kise.

▼ Aww, how cute, getting a pat on the head from the usually cold and aloof Aomine!

▼ W-wait… someone fetch this girl a chair before she swoons…

▼ Here are the three musketeers with their newly decorated classroom. Looks like they had a lot of fun!

Getting the proportions right are important in order to achieve a touch of reality. Taking note of the character’s height is probably a good idea, just as the girls have annotated on their illustrations.

Alas, being able to draw is a prerequisite to creating your own fantasy art gallery. Practice makes perfect… but before that, I’ll need to buy myself a whiteboard big enough for this. Be sure to share your masterpieces if you manage to pull off this visual trickery!

Source/Images: Nullstory via Zhaizhai News