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A couple of days ago, we heard the guys’ opinions on the ladies, so now it’s time to hear what the ladies think about the men – specifically, about the kinds of cars men drive. Japan’s MyNavi Woman took a survey asking Japanese women which cars they wouldn’t like for their boyfriends to drive, and some of their responses you may find a bit surprising!

We all have preferences and things we look for in a significant other, be it related to their personality, lifestyle or looks, but how many of you ladies take into account your boyfriend’s mode of transportation? 325 of the 441 people surveyed logged their response to the question, “What kind of car would you dislike for your boyfriend to drive?” Here’s a look at the top five responses:

1. Custom car – 64 women (19.7%)
2. Itasha – 26 women (8.0%)
3. Kei car – 24 women (7.4%)
4. Convertible – 16 women (4.9%)
5. Luxury car – 11 women (3.4%)

Just a quick note for those unfamiliar with the terms, itasha are cars brightly painted with anime characters. Kei car, or kei-jidousha, is a category of small vehicles, literally meaning “light motor vehicle”, which include compact passenger cars, microvans, and pickup trucks designed to comply with Japanese tax and insurance regulations.

Custom cars made it to the top as the least-liked car among the women surveyed. One 32-year-old respondent explains what exactly it is she has against customized cars: “I don’t like cars with excessively loud engines and all that ornamentation.” Another woman says of men who have custom cars: “It’s like they’re trying to look cool, but it’s just embarrassing.” She might have a point.

Number two on the list, but with less than half of the respondents as custom cars, were the infamous itasha. Literally meaning “painful car” because they can be pretty painful to look at for anyone but their owner, an itasha may be an otaku’s dream car, but for others, being seen in one can be pretty embarrassing.

▼Thankfully, you can’t hear its engine

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 3.09.46 PMUsedCarsNews.jp

▼Like a mother loves her rebel son, this car is dearly loved by someone


Obviously, compact size and good gas mileage don’t win kei cars much love, which came in at number three. “It’s really small inside, so it gets tiring when going for a drive,” says one of the women surveyed as to why she’s not very fond of these compact cars.

▼ Kei cars: great for getting around town, not so hot for long drives

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 3.11.30 PMgoo.net

But what about convertibles? Who wouldn’t enjoy a sunny ride down the coast, top down and wind in their hair? “It’s embarrassing, and your hair and makeup get all messed up,” says one 30-year-old convertible hater. Personally, I have to somewhat agree with this – going for a drive is not much fun when you’re blinded the whole time and end up with a mouthful of your own hair.

▼Perfect hair not included


Finally, in at number five of the disliked cars list is the luxury car. Not one I was expecting to be honest. While I’m no car enthusiast, I can appreciate the aesthetics and quality of a luxury car, but it appears it’s not necessarily the car that the women dislike, but the perception they have of the driver. Responds one of the women surveyed, “To me it feels like they’re just showing off.”

Some other responses that didn’t make the top five were low-riders, cars that blast music, red sports cars, and cars fixed up with LEDs.

Sure, it’s a nice bonus if your guy has a car you like, but it shouldn’t make or break a relationship. Still, the results of the survey are interesting to say the least, and hopefully the women who answered aren’t too hung up over the ride to forget about the person behind the wheel!

Source: MyNavi Woman
Featured image: stockimages from FreeDigitalPhotos.net