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What’s your take on freebies? It’s not unusual for retailers to run promotional campaigns that involve giving away free products in one way or another, such as the commonly seen “buy-one-get-one-free” offers. Most of the time such promotions are more than welcomed by consumers since it means more value for their money, but some customers are simply too difficult to please.

We never thought we’d see this day coming, but here’s a man who totally flipped out because he was entitled to a free bottle of cola.

Reports to not state where the incident occurred, but judging by the video and the lingo used in the conversation, the great cola argument of the century probably took place in a convenience store in Taiwan. The store was apparently having a promotional campaign that entitled customers to receive one free bottle of cola when they purchased one at the regular price. That offer doesn’t sound very odd, does it? But it obviously didn’t sit very well with this particular customer, who felt extremely distressed because he didn’t know what to do with the unexpected addition to his shopping bag.

Perhaps you might be thinking, “It’s just one extra bottle of Coke, what’s the big fuss?” Trust us, we had the exact same thought. This eccentric customer, however, was not ready to accept his free drink. Just watch him belt out his reasons for four whole minutes!

We understand that there are people with anxiety issues and such unforeseen changes to their usual routine might be disconcerting to them, but seriously, would carrying an extra bottle actually “break your arm?” Sounds more like a case of severe calcium deficiency, or from another perspective, a staged incident.

What do you think? If this incident was real then that guy minding the register probably deserves to be crowned “Employee of the Month”!

Source/Images: Facebook