There isn’t a manga fan that doesn’t enjoy a good color spread in their favorite manga magazine. However, a One Piece image in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump raised blood pressures online when fans noticed a mistake author Oda Eiichiro had made. Have you spotted it?

At one glance this seems like a pretty regular One Piece drawing with all the characters full of their usual energy, off to some adventure (or perhaps just out shopping?) on their bikes. But wait! There is someone who seems to be having a pretty hard time. Have you noticed the hidden acrobat in the picture? Not yet? Look closer…

Twitter user TAKUMI was quick to point out this mistake:

[tweet https://twitter.com/takumitoxin/status/562232781116174337 align=center]

With the complicated construction and vivid colors of this picture, the mistake was almost completely camouflaged, but it couldn’t escape eagle-eyed fans. That’s right! Usopp’s bike is disjointed from his seat. He must have been trying really hard to balance Chopper in his basket along with the ladies in his backseat. It could be Oda-sensei’s careless mistake, or perhaps Usopp is just that good!

Source/Images: Twitter, h/t Kotaku US